Tuesday, 1 December 2009


We start with some mid shots, and close ups quickly cut together to go well with the fast paced action.
When the fight is over, we first see a two shot of Merlin and Arthur, and then a low angle of our villainous character. This establishes the “sides” for the programme of good and evil, but also showing Merlin and Arthur together suggests a bond or friendship. The low angle of the evil character, suggests intimidation and power. When Arthur leaves the shot without Merlin this suggests they are together against bad, but not together as equals, further shown when Merlin is covered partly by the framing. He is left in a wide angle shot by himself, suggesting a lack of power.
A long shot shows us a new setting of the castle halls. We see the warrior talking to the woman with many shot-return-shots, and over he shoulder shots. This connotes a bond between these two characters, as they are always shown together. This is cut to a deep field of view shot of Arthur, so we can see his reaction to the scene.
We see a change of time, with an establishing shot of the castle, revealing it’s daytime. We then see Merlin walking alone, with long shots of him in a darkly lit room. This connotes a vulnerability, which we see again with close ups, revealing his facial expressions. Again with the entrance of the warrior, we see low angle shots, suggesting power.
A cut to the next scene, which uses a floating camera, shows the extent of Merlin’s work. We then see Merlin with Arthur again in a two shot, suggesting that perhaps a bond is beginning to be formed between the two. They walk together to the arena, where again they are separated and Merlin left covered by a wall, that connotes a separation either by class or some reason we do not yet know. As the fight begins we see a similar set of shots, to that at the beginning.

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